3 DIY Furnace Care Tips to Stay Warmer for Longer

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Furnace Care Tips

Furnace Care Tips The typical furnace lifespan is between 15-20 years, but regular maintenance can possibly extend its lifespan to 30 years. Considering how expensive it can be to replace a furnace, getting more years out of the one you already have is a major money and headache saver.

You don’t always need to call a technician for furnace maintenance. There are some DIY furnace service practices you can do yourself to keep your furnace functioning properly for a long time. Keep reading for our three best furnace care tips to keep your furnace working longer.

Top Three Furnace Service Tips

While you can perform all of these furnace maintenance practices yourself, you should always call a technician if you think something is wrong with your furnace. It’s a great idea to maintain your furnace on your own, but leave it to the professional when your furnace needs repairs.

1. Keep it Clean

There are several areas around your furnace that you should keep clean to keep it working properly. Keeping the area around your furnace clean is extremely important for proper airflow, so you should keep storage items away from the unit.

Make sure there isn’t anything blocking air ducts or vents, and try to dust the air vents regularly so that dust and pet hair is not preventing airflow. You should also routinely clean the humidifier and replace the evaporator pad to maintain the healthy air quality in your home.

Replace the furnace filter every 30 to 90 days, depending on how much heat you use in your home. A dirty filter makes your unit work harder, which wears it down quicker and wastes your money. Keep a supply of clean filters on hand during the winter so you can replace them at any time.

Finally, you should clean your outside unit. It needs to “breathe”, and things like leaves and debris can stall air intake. Shovel any snow away from the unit as well so it continues working properly.

Keeping all parts of your heating system clean will ensure that it keeps working properly for a long time.

2. Repair All Leaks and Holes

If your unit has any holes, leaks, or loose joints, the warm air is most likely escaping. Do a thorough investigation of your furnace and repair any damaged ductwork.

Another way your warm air may be escaping is through holes and leaks in your doors, windows, and walls. Before winter hits, investigate all of the doors and windows in your home and plug up any holes. You can cover your drafty windows with plastic and plug holes with caulk.

The main objective of these activities is to make sure you’re keeping the warm air in your home. Retaining heat will make sure that your system isn’t having to work overtime to keep your home warm.

Check out more ways to winterize your home and retain heat here.

3. Maintain Your Hot Water Tank and Radiator Valves

This last tip is actually two tips in one, but they are both extremely important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

First, you need to routinely flush out the hot water tank to keep your heating system operating correctly. Debris can make its way into your heater and cause sediment to build up. This can impact how well your heating system operates, so you should flush out your hot water tank to clear out the sediment.

You should also routinely check the pressure relief valve to make sure it doesn’t have any problems.

Next, you need to bleed your hot water radiator valves. Simply open the valves a little bit for a few minutes and close them when you see water leaking. This will release any trapped air and help your system function better.

These tasks may feel tedious, but they will help determine whether your furnace lasts 15 years or 30 years. Set regular reminders on your phone or in your planner to perform these activities so your heater stays in tip-top shape.

Start Furnace Service Activities Early

The worst time to do repairs on your furnace is in the winter when you actually need the heat. Start your furnace service activities early in the fall so that by winter everything is working and running smoothly.

You should also test your thermostat in the fall in case you need a new one. Bump the temperature up a few degrees and make sure you hear and feel the heat turn on.

Getting started with your furnace maintenance early will also help you identify any more serious issues that you need to call a technician to fix. That way, you and your family can stay warm all winter instead of dealing with a faulty furnace when you need it the most.

Schedule a Winter Tune-up

Even if you perform all of these tasks to maintain your furnace, it’s still a good idea to hire a technician to come out for a winter tune-up before the cold weather hits.

During a winter tune-up, a professional will inspect all parts of your furnace, including the ductwork, airflow, gas pressure, electrical controls, thermostat, and vents.

Don’t wait until something is wrong with your furnace to get it checked out by a professional. A yearly winter tune-up is well worth the investment since it will extend the lifespan of your whole heating system and alert you to any issues you didn’t know about.

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