How to Improve Your Air Quality With 7 Simple Tips

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If you do the cleaning in your home (because if you don’t no one else will, right?) then you know how quickly dust collects. Especially on dark-colored surfaces!

But that dust isn’t just annoying to clean – it can be dangerous to breathe! Having an air filter or following the below seven tips on how to improve air quality won’t get rid of all the dust in your home, but it will sure help reduce it!

Read about how to keep a cleaner home, below!

1. Have Indoor Plants

Plants filter the air by ingesting Carbon Dioxide (what we breathe out) and converting it to Oxygen (what we breathe in). During the process, those same plants will filter out impurities and produce clean(er) oxygen in the room. While this is a powerful process, you’d have to essentially live in a floor-to-ceiling greenhouse to depend on plants to do all the air filtering for you.

Ivy is a great plant to grow indoors, and only needs a moderate amount of sunlight. Not into ivy? Check out different types of ferns, or the snake plant. Snake plants are so hard to kill that they’re sometimes called “mother-in-law’s tongue” plants because they’re simply relentless!

Indoor plants are a great addition to any home’s plan to improve air quality, but they can only do so much. Make sure you pick another option from the list below, to keep your family breathing easy.

2. Use a Humidifier (That You Clean Regularly!)

As we go into fall and winter, the air gets dryer and that can affect the way it interacts with our lungs and sinuses. Depending on where you live, you might find that you can sleep and breathe better, but there are other benefits too.

One study found that raising indoor humidity levels in the winter can reduce the spread of airborne viruses by up to 85%. Wish we had known that in 2019! They’re also thought to improve your skin appearance (more moisture is a good thing for skin!), help reduce snoring, and even prolong the life of your wood furniture – who knew?

The only caveat to humidifiers is that they’re hard to clean and it’s very important to clean them regularly. Since they take in air from your environment and filter it back through, it helps to make sure your air is clean to start. You can do that by getting regular vent clean outs and replacing your home’s air filters on time.

Follow your specific model’s cleaning suggestions and clean your humidifier at least once every two weeks. Fill it with distilled water if you want extra credit!

3. Clean Your Window Screens!

It’s important to get organic air into your home from time to time, and who can resist opening the window when you get that first fall breeze? No one – and you don’t have to.

But since it’s been so hot and you’ve had the windows closed al summer, it’s a good idea to take your screens down and clean them with soap and water. If that’s not possible or you don’t want to expend that much effort, rub down the inside of your screens with a paper towel and tap lightly from inside your home.

This should loosen any debris or pollen that got stuck to your screen over time and it will lessen the amount of work your in-home air filter has to do.

Always remember to keep windows closed when pollen indexes are high or when people are doing yard work outside – especially if it involves a leaf blower!

4. Have Your HVAC Unit Serviced

Did you know you should have your HVAC unit serviced at the start of Spring and the Fall? It needs a tune-up or at least a check-up when you switch from using mostly AC to mostly heat and vice versa. It sounds like a lot, but regular maintenance prolongs the life of your system and keeps your energy bills low.

Your HVAC unit is part of the overall investment you make in your home!

Plus, fall tune-ups are a good way to prevent that burning dust smell you get when you turn on the heat for the first time.

5. Change Your Air Filter Regularly

We mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating. Your HVAC system has air filters built-in that are meant to be changed every few months. You want to change air filters at least every season, but more often if someone in your home has bad allergies or if you have pets.

Don’t know how to change it, what model you need, or where to get a replacement filter? That’s what we’re here for! We carry a wide range of the best air filters on the market. Ask your technician to bring one when they come over to …

6. Install a Custom Air Purifier System

Yes, you could get a small room-size air purifier, but that only cleans one small-size room at a time – and they’re not cheap. By the time you bought an air purifier for every room, you would have already spent more than you would on a custom air purifier for your home.

Not only is a custom air purifying system a good investment for your family’s health and safety, but think about the value it’ll add to your home’s resale value! Improving physical and financial health in one swift move.

7. Sign Up for Our No Breakdown Club!

When you purchase services from us, you can opt-in to the “No Breakdown Club“. Think of it like the best extended-warranty or maintenance plan you’ve ever seen. Not only will we make sure you have clean air filters, but we’ll call you to schedule appointments.

We make the health of your family’s air our job – so you have one less thing to do!

How to Improve Air Quality in Your Texas Home

Now you have seven simple steps you can take towards cleaner and healthier air in your home. And almost all of them we can take care of for you! The health and safety of your family is our passion and we can’t wait to serve you. Give us a call to schedule services, here.