Common Furnace Problems: When to Reach out to a Furnace Repair Near Me

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Common Furnace Problems in your Forney, TX Home

As early back as 2500 B.C., the Greeks were using fixed central hearths as the earliest forms of central heating systems. This technique has evolved remarkably over the years to what is now commonly known as a heating furnace.

While the approach to modern heating at home now embraces advanced technology, you’ll still experience operational challenges.

Finding out that your furnace is dysfunctional can be frustrating, especially during those cold winter nights. If you are wondering, “when should I reach out to a furnace repair near me?” Don’t flinch.

The bad news is that furnaces may require replacement, eventually. But the good news is that a furnace specialist near you can resolve specific problems in no time.

Here are such common furnace problems.

1. Furnace Doesn’t Produce Heat

Most FAQs related to home heating and furnace problems revolve around this problem.

There are a myriad of reasons your furnace may not be producing heat. One of the most common is the thermostat’s failure to turn on.

If this is the reason, you can try moving the dial-up or down a few times to test for changes in your settings. But if you don’t notice any difference, it could mean that the circuit breaker has probably tripped or blown off. In such a case it may be risky to try any DIY measures.

It would help if you looked for a furnace repair service near you to assist with the furnace diagnosis. Such common heating furnace repairs may seem easy to undertake, but they pose a safety hazard. It would be wise to consider expert intervention.

2. Furnace Does Not Produce Enough Heat

While it is common for furnaces to stop working, it is also probable that the system still works, but doesn’t produce enough heat. In such cases, even when the thermostat is on, the furnace cannot heat the home entirely.

Your system’s failure may be because of a clogged filter. Most people don’t realize the importance of a furnace filter until such a concern emerges. While it is possible to use a blower to blow the filter, it could also be an indicator it’s time to overhaul the system.

If you are wondering if this is enough reason to “consult a furnace repair near me,” then the answer is yes.  An expert can quickly locate your furnace’s filter and decide whether it may require a blower or it needs urgent replacement. Sometimes, it may be a simple concern around the ductwork, which requires minimal repairs.

A common mistake that DIY attempts lead to is a filter installation that is put upside down. If you are keen on ensuring full functionality for your furnace, consider calling in a specialist.

3. Furnace Won’t Shut Off

You may notice sometimes that your heater won’t stop running even when you switch off. The furnace continues to blow hot air, which may cause panic as the warmth grows. One of the urgent solutions will be to check if the thermostat is set on “auto.” If not, you ought to dial-up to “auto” immediately.

But this option may not help to solve your problem in certain other cases. For instance, if your thermostat is broken or miswired, there’s a chance it won’t shut off.

Your other probable reason for the situation would be the likelihood that the blower has malfunctioned.

You may replace the thermostat if you are well-versed with the functionality of the furnace. If this problem persists, or you have limited knowledge about heaters, contact a trusted furnace repairer as soon as possible.

4. Is a Cracked Heat Exchanger Enough Reason to Look for a “Furnace Repair Near Me?”

Your home furnace heating system has a complex structure that enables functionality. But sometimes, critical components such as the heat exchanger crack. This situation may lead to health hazards due production of toxic gases.

Your heat exchange may crack if you don’t carry out regular repairs. But a cracked heat exchanger is a grave concern that may require urgent professional intervention. Don’t attempt a DIY at any cost.

5. Loud Sounds Whenever the Furnace Is On

You want to come to a homely ambiance in your home every evening.

Unfortunately, the loud sounds from the furnace when running won’t give you the peace you crave for at home. If the issue is not about a cracked heat exchanger, it may be because of loose panels.

In both cases, calling in an expert would be critical. A specialist will either replace the heat exchanger or tighten the loose panels. Both options are imperative if you are keen on resolving the constant rattling sound concern when operating your furnace.

6. A Concern with the Limit Switches

Is your limit switch dysfunctional? This could be the main reason your furnace runs continuously. If the limit switch is faulty, there’s the risk that the boiler won’t fire. In other cases, the high limit switch may trip.

Such tripping may cause the blower to continue to run even when the heating element is shut off. If this is the problem, then you may need the input of a professional. Such expert intervention focuses on the assessment of the system, which includes resetting the blower.

If the circuit is open, the other probable option is to replace the limit switch entirely. While this process is costly, it will lead you off the constant concerns of recurrent operational failures.

7. Faulty Ignition System

Most of the modern furnace systems operate electronically, which limits the role of standing pilot light. But if your furnace has a thermocouple, you will probably experience recurrent instances of faulty ignition.

Depending on the advice from a reliable technician, you may need to replace the limit switch to ensure your system is back to functional order. You may need to consult a furnace repair service near you to minimize the risk of future failures.

Don’t Let a Faulty Furnace Be the Cause of Cold Nights

Your home’s central heating system is vital for your ultimate comfort. If you are wondering at what point you need to “call in a furnace repair near me,” this guide has all the answers you need. Do not suffer in silence.

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