Cool for the Summer: 5 Ways to Reduce Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

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The average US homeowner can expect to dedicate on average $110.88 per month to air conditioning costs during the Summer.

While this number will drop in Winter months, the summertime in Texas is usually filled with hot days that demand a much-needed reprieve in the form of expensive air conditioning. While air conditioning can be expensive, there are a variety of ways to cut costs and make your bill more affordable.

How to Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

There are a variety of ways to reduce air conditioning costs in the summer, here are the top five!

1. Make Nature Work For You

Even in the sweltering Garland, Texas heat, there’s still the few days of blissful wind and mild temperatures. On those days, be sure to leave your windows open to take advantage of the natural cool air. A cool breeze through your house partnered with ceiling fans can significantly lower the temperature in your home to a comfortable level without the need for air conditioning.

2. Update Your Windows

One of the biggest wastes of money when it comes to an electric bill can be caused through faulty windows, specifically the window seals. If the window seals in your home are in disrepair, they could be letting out your cool air, thus increasing the need for the air conditioner to continue running. Likewise, they could also be letting out precious heat in the winter, which could continue to raise your electric bill with the need for increased heat throughout your home.

3. Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Air Conditioning Unit

Let’s break this down by numbers. The national average cost of an air conditioner is around $5,750. While maintenance may not always seem necessary, preventative care is key to keeping you from spending potentially thousands of dollars, all while sitting in the glaring Dallas heat. Performing regular air conditioning service and repairs on your unit can ensure that your wallet and your family are well taken care of!

4. Consider Solar Energy

While solar panels are great for the environment, they’re also beneficial for your wallet! For example, the average family in Sunnyville, Texas would save around $86.08 per month on their electric bill just from installing solar panels.

5. Insulate Your Home

One of the most often overlooked causes of rising air conditioning costs is the lack of insulation in a home. While upfront costs may deter homeowners from insulating, the continued savings from insulation could make the cost worth it. Especially with old homes, insulation could mean a major price difference when it comes time to pay your electric bill!

Making the Most Out of Your Air Conditioning

While there are many tips for reducing air conditioning costs in your home throughout the summer, these five are sure to help! In the end, we’re sure your wallet and your air conditioning unit will thank you!

With the sweltering summers in Texas, having an air conditioning company ready to step in and help with any trouble is a much needed asset for homeowners in the area! At Infinity Texas Air, we offer heating and cooling services at affordable prices! If you’re looking to make the most out of your air conditioner and heating units, check out these articles with tips to save you time and money!