Ductwork Repair and Sealing

Losing energy and comfort through leaky ducts?

Infinity Texas Air puts an end to discomfort and energy loss with ductwork repair and sealing.

At Infinity Texas Air, we hear a lot of complaints from homeowners in the Forney, TX area. When asked a few things they would like to improve about their home comfort, many say better energy efficiency, better indoor air quality and more even cooling and heating are at the top of their list. All of these three and more can actually be achieved with simple air duct services. We’ll help you decide what you need to resolve the issues you are experiencing with your home comfort.

The more secure your ducts are, the more the air produced by your HVAC system will flow to the right places. Holes, gaps, cracks, etc. can compromise that, causing energy loss and hot/cold spots. Repairing or sealing them is a quick way to resolve that.

Reduce the risk of energy loss and keep your home more energy efficient with ductwork repair and sealing. Enjoy even temperatures throughout your home without suffering from hot/cold spots due to gaps in your ductwork.

Have your ducts sealed today to save money and improve indoor comfort

Why Work With Us:

Licenced, experienced technicians

Quick, reliable repairs

Emergency repair service

Friendly customer service

How Duct Sealing Helps You:

Save on energy bills

Comfortable, even temperatures inside

Improved system performance

Better indoor air quality

Call Infinity Texas Air now to schedule duct sealing or duct repair

Duct sealing can help you save up to 30 percent on your energy bills by cutting lost heating and cooling energy. Heated or cooled air travels into your living areas as intended, instead of escaping into unconditioned areas where duct systems run. Duct sealing and duct repair also prevent dirt and allergens from entering the system, where they are carried into your home as conditioned air circulates, causing health symptoms and making your home dirtier.

It’s no question how important your ducts are. With the right service, you could see the type of home comfort you’ve always dreamed of. Often neglected, there are many things we can do to your ducts to enhance your comfort just by performing a simple service. Two main reasons why people have duct cleaning performed is to improve indoor air quality and to prevent dust from interfering with their system’s performance. If your ducts are improperly designed, you may have never experienced maximum efficiency. We can help redesign and install new ductwork.

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Google Reviews
  • Unit replaced. Indoor and outdoor new thermostat Antonio and crew...On time, great customer service, finished the job early, explained the new unit in details, cleaned up and assisted with WI FI connectivity.. 5 star all the way... James was the original Service tech (thanks for the advise on a great vacation spot)

    James stayed late, checked everything and came back to go over all paperwork as well as the unit...very thorough.. 5 star quality.

    ibkesha0404 Avatar
  • Today was our first experience with Infinity Texas Air. Our technician, Ray, was superb! He was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. He was honest and upfront about the cost of repairs. He also has a very pleasant demeanor which is always a plus! We will definitely be repeat customers!

    Adrian H. Avatar
    Adrian H.
  • James did a great job diagnosing the issue with my unit and fixing it. He also informed me about the USC program, which I signed up for. I was very pleased with his work and knowledge of the maintenance program his company offered. He was also prompt getting here & timely fixing the issue. He made sure everything ran correctly before leaving. Thanks James!

    Lisa Simmoms Avatar
    Lisa Simmoms
  • I called Inifinity Texas Air today because BOTH AC units in my brand new house haven’t been working properly for 3 days and myself, my husband, and our baby can’t live there in this Texas heat. Not only did they send a guy out two hours from the time I called, he was thorough, gave me an easy to understand evaluation of the problems, and didn’t try to tack on a bunch of endless expenses. One of my units must be completely replaced, the other just needs a part put in. They were upfront and honest about the service fee on the phone when I called for the evaluation and I wasn’t charged a penny more than they specified. I will definitely be hiring them to complete the work and am very satisfied with their care for me and my family.

    Katie Carson Avatar
    Katie Carson
  • Infinity Texas Air is amazing. The service crew is thorough and professional. They keep you updated on their arrival time through text and email updates and never leave you waiting around. I highly recommend them.

    Kim Helfenbein Avatar
    Kim Helfenbein